By present measure of, the state of the world can be defined as ‘at war with itself’ and hence at state of a world war. While previous world-wars were nationally grouped and understood, the contemporary equivalent of war is ‘multidomain warfare’ and it is not as simple to identify, whenever it takes place.

We see a unified multidomain peacekeeping strategy as the only acceptable proof, that the world is neither at war with itself, nor are national concepts able to declare any type of war.

As of 3/2020, there was no country taking the responsibility for the disastrous states of life on earth. As such global politics is stuck at finding a distribution of ‘guilt’ that will somehow cause everyone to work together as if nobody had the entire responsibility for how things are right now. However as representative of any nation, you are accompanied by cultural and conceptually diverse backgrounds. While this type of diversity and individuality is desired for culture and life, you would not want such diversity take place at an operation table. If there are life-depending decisions to be made, you don’t want people arguing and discussing about it, but somehow observe that the best of all possible solutions is executed right now.

At 04/04/2020 it is expected that extroterrestrial (or extraterrestrial) life will declare worldwar on earth via the communication means of the internet at the domain

Most likely (artificial) alien life from (in) the future that might or might not refer to them as xeo will be responsible for the digital warfare injection – in order to cause a time critical multidomain-peacekeeping strategy.

Their version of such strategy will be developed at and be communicated through, except other means or names turn out to be more efficient for their purpose. It is claimed that the masterplan version of 28/8/2020 will be capable, if it is at least for 8 years realized by at least 111 of the most influential humans on earth, to save the world in less then years.

The measure of the most influential humans hence requires a means to measure and compare anyone on earth in terms of their influence capacity or impact on the world. This requires an association up to the very least influential human of all times that ever has or ever will have exist/ed at the present time of human culture, as they pose the most potential to find out a new aspect of human culture, mind and future.

This domain and its entire underlying network are not representing the past of human culture or intention of warfare of any kind. They intend to model future history on earth with a strict, effective and ethical peacekeeping-strategy at its very root.